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About Tremun: Leaders in Body Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing has been a common practice since ancient times. It has been a part of the history of various civilizations, with religious, symbolic meanings and associations to status or political offices. Today, piercing has become a form of cultural expression and a widespread fashion in different cities, including Barcelona. In this context, Tremun stands out as a company with 5 years of experience in the piercing jewelry market. Its consolidation as one of the leaders in the sector is due to the quality of its services and its presence in prominent piercing studios around the world.

Tremun: Quality and Personalized Service in Body Jewelry

Tremun has managed to stand out in the sector thanks to the quality of its products and personalized service, backed by a lifetime warranty on its jewelry. The company specializes in working exclusively with F136 Titanium and Niobium, ensuring excellence in each of its pieces.

Its headquarters, established in Barcelona, dispatches quality jewelry to all parts of the world, expanding more and making its presence in various studios, within everyone’s reach.

On its website www.tremunpiercing.com, you can find a wide variety of body jewelry, from labrets, navels, and microdermals, to a variety of styles in hoops and tops, among others. With an extensive catalog, Tremun remains in constant innovation, providing unique and high-quality options to its customers. Tremun’s commitment is to guarantee the long-term satisfaction of its customers, so they offer a lifetime warranty as part of their commitment to the quality and durability of their products.

Titanium and Niobium: Reliable and Safe Materials for Piercing

Titanium is one of the most used materials in piercings due to its high quality, hypoallergenicity, and purity, making it compatible with all skin types. It is essential to use ASTM-F136 grade titanium to ensure its quality, as there is jewelry with low-quality grades that contain nickel. Titanium can be safely colored thanks to its anodizing system, and if the color fades, it does not pose a problem for those wearing the piercing. On the other hand, niobium is a metal similar to titanium, although heavier and more expensive. Like titanium, niobium can be anodized to obtain different colors and is also hypoallergenic and biocompatible. For this reason, Tremun works exclusively with these two metals, guaranteeing high-level jewelry and compatible with the human body.

International Presence and Notable Experts

In addition to its prominent presence in Barcelona, Tremun has expanded its reach internationally and ships worldwide, providing access to its quality products and services anywhere in the globe. Moreover, Tremun has a branch in Monza, Milan, Italy, led by one of the most respected and reputable piercers in the country: Andrea Capucci, CEO of Tremun Italy. This presence in Italy further consolidates the company’s position in the European market and demonstrates its commitment to excellence and international recognition.

Likewise, Tremun has a renowned technical advisor in Germany, the recognized expert in body modification and biosafety Roberto Rea Gutierrez, better known as “Beto Rea”. Currently residing in Berlin, Beto Rea provides solid support to Tremun, helping to maintain high standards of quality and safety in the piercing industry.

Finally, Tremun’s team includes a prominent highly trained sales team, made up of respected senior piercers in the body piercing industry, such as Anna Martinez, Marcelo Brugnach, Anna Martínez, and Alejandra Estébanez.

In summary, Tremun has established itself as a leading company in the piercing jewelry and services market. Its focus on quality, the use of safe materials, its international presence, and the involvement of notable experts demonstrate its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. For more information about Tremun, visit their website at www.tremunpiercing.com.

  • Experience: Five years in the piercing market.

  • Quality: High-quality products with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Exclusivity: Specialized in F136 Titanium and Niobium.

  • Innovation: Extensive and constantly updating catalog.

Our Service

Tremun provides high-quality piercing jewelry, working exclusively with F136 Titanium and Niobium. Their constantly innovating catalog presents a wide range of unique options. Each piece comes with a lifetime warranty, reaffirming their commitment to quality and durability.

Lifetime Guarantee

We offer lifetime guarantee in all of our line. We will replace your jewellery in case of manufacture failure

Attractive jewellery design

We manufacture our jewellery keeping in mind your customers taste and style.

Best prices

You will get high quality body jewellery at a great price in our whole online shop.


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