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Titanium F136 vs Pure Titanium: The Perfect Combination; A Blend of Niobium and Titanium F136

Introduction: Discovering the Perfect Combination

In the Body Piercing industry, quality and safety are essential aspects for enthusiasts of this form of personal expression. There are various material options for piercings, such as silver, steel, and different types of titanium. However, among all these alternatives, Titanium F136 and Niobium stand out for their biocompatibility and safety for the human body.

One of the trending accessories in the world of piercing is chains, as they stylishly complement ear and nose piercings. These accessories can be found in different materials, with gold and titanium being notable choices. However, concerning titanium, caution must be exercised as not all titanium chains available in the market are made from the correct titanium and are not 100% biocompatible. This is why Tremun decided to delve into this issue and ultimately create a chain that is safe and made from materials that meet the high standards of quality and biocompatibility demanded today.

In this article, we will examine the differences between Titanium F136 and Pure Titanium, and we will share how Tremun Piercing has successfully combined Titanium F136 and Niobium to create the perfect chain: an exclusive model that is 100% biocompatible.

Breaking Down the Standards: ASTM and F136

Before delving into the differences between Titanium F136 and Pure Titanium, it is crucial to understand the importance of quality standards in the piercing industry. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is an internationally recognized organization that establishes technical standards and specifications for various materials, including titanium used in the production of piercing jewelry.

The ASTM F136 standard specifically refers to surgical-grade titanium for medical and piercing applications. This standard ensures that titanium meets stringent requirements for quality, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility necessary for its use in the human body.

Titanium F136 vs. Pure Titanium: The Difference Lies in the Details

While the term “Pure Titanium” may sound appealing, it is important to note that not all types of titanium are equal in terms of quality and biocompatibility. Titanium F136 distinguishes itself from Pure Titanium through its composition and more rigorous manufacturing process.

Pure Titanium generally refers to industrial-grade titanium, which may contain traces of impurities and undesired elements. These impurities can be harmful to health and can cause adverse reactions in the human body, such as irritation, allergies, or even infections. In the context of piercings, where the material is in direct contact with the body for extended periods, choosing a material of the highest quality and safety is crucial.

On the other hand, Titanium F136, also known as 6Al-4V ELI (Extra Low Interstitial), is manufactured using advanced metallurgical techniques to ensure exceptional purity. This type of titanium contains 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium, making it a highly resilient, lightweight, and safe material for use in piercings and medical applications.

The Nobility of Niobium: A Perfect Ally for Titanium F136

While Titanium F136 stands out for its qualities, creating a chain entirely composed of this material is quite challenging. This is because its composition does not allow for the creation of links that are small enough while maintaining their shape over time. However, Tremun has found a solution to this issue by incorporating Niobium into this exclusive design.

Niobium is a chemical element with unique properties that make it highly desirable for use in piercing jewelry. Like Titanium F136, Niobium is hypoallergenic, meaning it is highly unlikely to cause adverse reactions or allergies on the skin.

In addition to its biocompatibility, Niobium is known for its excellent corrosion resistance and its ability to form a protective oxide layer on the surface, making it a durable and safe material for use in piercings.

The combination of Titanium F136 rings and Niobium links in Tremun Piercing’s new chain provides a perfect synergy between two materials of the utmost quality and safety. This unique combination ensures an optimal user experience for those seeking a chain that meets the highest standards of biocompatibility.

Months of Research and Development: The Result is a Jewel

The arduous work and dedication that have led Tremun Piercing to discover the perfect formula for their unique chain deserve recognition. For months, our team of research and development experts has meticulously explored the properties of different materials, evaluated their safety and quality, and ultimately succeeded in creating a biocompatible and high-quality chain.

The combination of Titanium F136 rings and Niobium links in Tremun Piercing’s chain is the result of a meticulous approach and a commitment to offering our customers the very best. With this exclusive and 100% biocompatible chain, Tremun provides a secure and elegant solution for those seeking to showcase high-quality piercings.

Conclusions: The Perfect Chain for Body Piercing Enthusiasts

In conclusion, the differences between Titanium F136 and Pure Titanium are significant in terms of quality, safety, and biocompatibility. While Pure Titanium may contain impurities and fail to meet the most rigorous standards, Titanium F136 is a highly reliable and safe surgical-grade material for piercings and medical applications.

However, Tremun Piercing has gone above and beyond by combining Titanium F136 with Niobium in their exclusive new chain. This unique combination offers an optimal blend of two noble and highly safe materials, providing Body Piercing enthusiasts an unparalleled option in terms of quality and biocompatibility.

At Tremun Piercing, we take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality and safety. This inspires us to continue exploring new possibilities in the manufacturing of piercing jewelry. We invite you to discover our new model and take your piercings to the next level with style.

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